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Sumner County
County Engineer
Sumner County, TN
The County Engineer is responsible for providing highly skilled engineering services to the County on a wide variety of projects. This position reports directly to the Director of Development Services and is expected to work with a high degree of independence and professional discretion. The County Engineer is responsible for ensuring new developments, whether residential, commercial, or industrial comply with County standards and with commonly accepted civil engineering practices. The County Engineer serves as a technical liaison to the Sumner County Regional Planning Commission during the review and approval process for rezonings, site plans, subdivisions, and other public and private projects. Duties and responsibilities include ensuring that plans submitted comply with the County Subdivision Regulations and Zoning Code with regard to areas such as site grading floodplain management, roadway design, and site drainage. The County Engineer interacts daily with elected officials, internal staff, engineers, builders, developers, residents and other stakeholders. For more information click HERE.
Posted September 3, 2019


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