Welcome to the Wichita Branch of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Next Event:
Sept. 21, 2016



Message from the President

Welcome to the Wichita Branch of ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). Thank you for a successful fundraiser this year and hope everyone enjoyed networking and the steak, of course. We wanted to extend a big thank you to Wichita Concrete Pipe and D&D Rentals as our sponsors this year for their support of this annual event. We look forward to see everyone back at our ASCE Steak Fry next year in June!

Let us thank our outgoing president, Chad Banka, for his excellent leadership in the Wichita Branch, and we will miss Tim Davidson since he will be retiring from the board entirely. Adding to the Wichita Branch ASCE board will be Kyle Kerns from the City of Wichita as secretary. Continuing on the board is Logan Mills as Treasurer, Daniel Schrant as Vice President, and myself, Nichole Witushynsky, as President.

We are working on a new line-up of speakers for our monthly luncheon meetings. If you have an idea for a presentation or want to present on a civil engineering topic, please contact any of our officers.


Nichole Witushynsky, P.E., M.ASCE
President, ASCE Kansas Section - Wichita Branch