2018-2019 STEM GRANT 

The ASCE Wichita Branch is proud to support innovative K-12 STEM education projects or activities that inspire the next generation. The award supports the enrichment of students pursuing programs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

For the 2018-2019 school year, ASCE is purchasing “Create-A-Chain” Reaction STEM Kits (Master Set) through Lakeshore Learning for winning applicants. Two different kits are being offered for students in Pre-K through Grade 2 and Grade 3 through Grade 5. We have a limited number of kits available. Winners will be chosen by need, availability, and time in which this application is submitted.

The grant application is available here. Applications are due no later than Monday, December 10, 2018.




Scholarship applications are due November 15, 2018.
The Wichita Branch R. Spencer Delamater, P.E. Scholarship was established in 1999 for the purpose of inspiring civil engineering students to high achievement in both academic and leadership development. The $1,500 scholarship is available to a Kansas State University, University of Kansas, or Benedictine College civil engineering junior or senior meeting the stated eligibility requirements. The objectives of the scholarship are to:
  • Recognize student achievement in leadership in organizations that are devoted to the betterment of the Civil Engineering profession and society.
  • Encourage scholastic achievement.


The following criteria will be used to determine student eligibility for application to the scholarship:

  1. Academic performance through the previous Spring semester of at least a 2.5 GPA. The selected student will be asked to provide a transcript of grades.
  2. Having completed 75 hours minimum of graded work for juniors or 105 hours minimum for seniors by the end of the 2018 Fall semester.
  3. Preference shall be granted to students who either 1) are from a high school or community college in the 37 county Wichita Branch territory prior to attending Kansas State University, University of Kansas or Benedictine College (See map) or 2) have interned with a professional consulting firm or government agency with an office in the Wichita Branch territory.  
  4. A member of and involvement in the student chapter of ASCE.
  5. Campus and community activity.

The Scholarship Selection Committee will make applications available through the universities during the fall semester and select the winner based upon the criteria shown on the application and consultations with applicable civil engineering department faculty. The chosen student will be notified in the fall; tuition money will be available for the spring semester.

The Wichita Branch of ASCE reserves the right to waive irregularities or not award a scholarship.  


Download a copy of the rules and scholarship application. Applicatons are due by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 15, 2018.