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Welcome to the ASCE Wichita Branch

The Wichita Branch has been serving southern and western Kansas since 1962.  Branch activities include monthly meetings, joint meetings with other organizations, and community service activities, such as the Adopt-A-Highway program.

Our June event was our capstone event of the year, the annual streak fry. This is our only fundraising event of the year. It was held at Eberly Farm and sponsored by Wichita Concrete Pipe. The steak fry brings engineers, contractors, and suppliers together for a casual dinning and social event. A fun time was had by all!

After the steak fry, the branch adjourns until September. This will give the recently elected branch leadership an opportunity to prepare for the fall meetings. However, the board members are always available to the membership. Please feel free to contact any of the Branch board members for information on ASCE and our local branch. Thanks for visiting our website!



Officer Elections

The Wichita Branch held its yearly elections at the May 14th monthly lunch meeting. The elected officers are:

                    President:                           Tim Davidson, City of Wichita

                    Vice President:                   Chad Banka, TranSystems

                    Treasurer:                          Nichole Witushynsky, Parsons Brinckerhoff

                    Secretary/WCES Rep:       Daniel Schrant, Sedgwick County

Damian Rottinghaus, Parsons Brinckerhoff, will serve in the appointed Past President position for the 2014-2015 year. Michael Bailey, TranSystems, will retire from active service at the conclusion of this year’s steak fry. He has faithfully served the branch for the past five years and is quite deserving of our appreciation and gratitude. Please take a moment to thank Michael for his dedication to ASCE the next time you see him.



ASCE’s 2013 Report Card for

America’s Infrastructure

Every family and business needs infrastructure to

thrive– from your road to work, to your internet, to

the pipes bringing clean water to your house.  In a

new app format, the American Society of Civil

Engineers’ 2013 Report Card for America’s

Infrastructure puts the most comprehensive and

clear reference available on America’s infrastructure

in your pocket. Complete with videos, state profiles,

and interactive content, this app shows how your

state’s infrastructure is doing and what needs

attention. Share the app with friends, coworkers, LinkedIn groups, or even your elected officials. Download the Report Card at

Now the 2013 Report Card grades are in, and America’s cumulative GPA for infrastructure rose slightly to a D+. The grades in 2013 ranged from a high of B- for solid waste to a low of D- for inland waterways and levees. Solid waste, drinking water, wastewater, roads, and bridges all saw incremental improvements, and rail jumped from a C- to a C+. No categories saw a decline in grade this year.

The 2013 Report Card demonstrates that we can improve the current condition of our nation’s infrastructure — when investments are made and projects move forward, the grades rise. For example, greater private investment for efficiency and connectivity brought improvements in the rail category; renewed efforts in cities and states helped address some of the nation’s most vulnerable bridges; and, several categories benefited from short-term boosts in federal funding.

We invite you to take a deeper look at the nation’s infrastructure conditions in the 2013 Report Card – from the state infrastructure facts, to the interactive charts, to our three key solutions. Click here to see the Report Card.

Wichita, Kansas

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2013 Kansas Report Card

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Our Next Event

September 10, 2014







12 Noon to 1:00 p.m.


Sedgwick County Public Works

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