Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is chaired by Ellen Lurie, since 2018. The branch offers scholarships to MSU Civil and Environmental Engineering students each year, with the tasks: 

  1. Update the application each year in November
  2. Share the electronic application with MSU ASCE Student Chapter, faculty advisor in late November/early December
  3. Collect and evaluate the application in February to select the winner(s)
  4. Present the scholarships at the Branch Awards Gala in the spring

Please contact Ellen Lurie if you would like to join.

Younger Member Group

If you a professional, age 35 years old or younger, come join the Lansing Jackson Younger Member Group! We have monthly meeting, networking opportunities, and volunteer opportunities. 

Email us for more information or to join the list serv! 

High Caliber 11.17.21General Meeting 7.14.21



2022 Mary Kinney

2021 Tessa Norman, EIT

2020 Tessa Norman, EIT

2019 Morgan Zapata

Program Committee

The Program Committee is chaired by Kitty Rothwell

Community Outreach

The Dream Big is an event for local elementary/middle school-aged kids for an introduction to the profession of Civil Engineers. The goal is to provide an opportunity for several student from multiple area schools to join us for a screening of the ASCE feature film Dream Big at Celebration Cinemas, usually during Engineer's week. If you are interested in joining this commmittee, please contact the chair, Nate Granger.

Awards Committee

The Awards committee is chaired by Kitty Rothwell

Historical Committee

The Historical Committee is chaired by Ryan Hoensheid

Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Manual Committee

The Constitution, Bylaws, and Operating Manual Committee is chaired by Ryan Hoensheid

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee is chaired by Ryan Hoensheid

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is chaired by Tessa Norman

Technical Committee

To be named