Date Presentation Title Presenter PDH Link
11/8/2022 HDPE Design Tips, Advantages and Practical Applications Daniel Davila, PE PDH Link
10/18/2022 Curtain Walls: A Geotechnical Solution of Water Resource Problems in South Dade Vijay Mishra, PE PDH Link
9/20/2022 Septic to Sewer Conversions Suzanne Dombrowski, PE, Env SP, M.ASCE, Safiya Brea, PE, LEED AP PDH Link
8/9/2022 Foundation Design Challenges for Basements in Saturated Coastal Plains Jose Gomez, PE, D.GE, F.ASCE, Intertek-PSI PDH Link
7/19/2022 Adapting to Rising Salinity in Florida Aquifer Jason Lee, PE, Kimley-Horn PDH Link
6/14/2022 Assessment Techniques, Considerations, and Solutions for Corrosion in Concrete  Frank Dressman, Structural Technologies Certificate Link
5/10/2022 VEGA: Experts in Level and Pressure Ian Heflin, VEGA PDH Link
4/12/2022 C43 Reservoir Update Shawn Waldeck, PE, Jacobs PDH Link
3/8/2022 Tensar Geogrids and Engineered Solutions Andres Peralta, PE, Tensar Email
3/1/2022 Tour of SWA REF 2 SWA PDH Link
2/8/2022 H&H Modeling & Surface Water Practice Matt Brosman, PE PDH Link
1/11/2022 Safety and Cost Improvements When Using RCP Douglas Holdener, PE PDH Link