YMG President | Emily Cushman | EIT
Firm:  City and County of Denver

Like many a Pioneer, Emily moved west to seek a better life and what she found was engineering. After receiving her first bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in Creative writing she settled in Denver to work as a barista. While coffee slowly drained her happiness she decided to start engineering school at the University of Colorado Denver and found her true passion. Emily graduated with a second bachelor’s in December 2016. After interning with RTD she began full-time employment for the City and County of Denver in their Transportation division. Emily loves being a part of Denver’s  history and future and cannot imagine a more fulfilling career. She started with ASCE while in school and became Secretary of the YMG after graduation and is now the current Vice President of the YMG. For her, ASCE has been a place to meet awesome like-minded friends and learn about the industry. In her free time she enjoys reading, cycling, and talking about transportation.