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Members of the Denver Branch are very active and on this website. Here you will find updated information regarding meetings, social events, and activities for current and future members alike.  Stay up-to-date on our meetings and events by joining our below email lists!

Additionally, you will find information about the Denver Branch Younger Member Group.

The Branch holds regular meetings, typically on the 3rd Thursday of the month, with many allowing the opportunity for learning more about the civil engineering profession and projects throughout the Denver metro area.

We envision our members as leaders building a better quality of life. Through the development of leadership, the advancement of technology, lifelong learning, and the promotion of our profession we will truly achieve a better world by design.

We hope you enjoy your experience here and look forward to meeting you in person.  



ASCE Denver Branch

ASCE Denver Branch Younger Member Group



March 18th, 2021:  Branch Meeting - A New Paradigm for Assessing Widire Risk to Communities



January 2020 Colorado Future Cities Competition:  Sponsorship and Volunteer Event


January 2020 Networking & Dinner Meeting:  Central 70 Project Presentation


2020 Multi-Region Leadership Conference in Detroit, Michigan


December 2019 Lunch meeting with CAGE