Bio: Peyton Gibson

YMG Networking Chair | Peyton Gibson | EIT, LEED GA
Firm: U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

Peyton grew up as an army brat, living in over 13 exotic places like ~Arizona~ and ~Chicago~ throughout her childhood and high school years. She is currently a Dam Civil Engineer (get it??? lol) at the Bureau of Reclamation in Lakewood, CO but spent her first year out of school after graduating from Colorado School of Mines in May 2017 in the frozen wasteland of the Midwest (but otherwise a very nice city) working in land development. She is heavily involved with ASCE both locally and nationally and after getting her P.E. and a Masters (from where and in what TBD) in the next 3 or so years hopes to move into infrastructure politics or policy and spend some time advocating for her fellow engineers on Capitol Hill. In her free time, Peyton loves to ski, backpack, and plan the next big ASCE event :)