ASCE’s Honors and Awards program recognizes the commendable achievements and remarkable accomplishments of the civil engineering profession.  With more than 80 awards, the program distinguishes the unique contributions engineers make to both the industry and society.

The Eastern Branch is proud to honor the following individuals and projects:

Outstanding Young Civil Engineer of the Year

2017: Matt Brua

2016: Jed Reimnitz

2015: Chris Brozik

2014: Tevis Holtzer

2013: Zach Gutzmer

2012: Erin Steever

2011: Jeremy McMahon

2010: Ross Hanson

2009: Jason Petersen

2008: Adam Hanson

2007: Carrie Buthe

2006: ?

2005: Justin Petersen

2004: ?

2003: ?

2002: Holly Mescher

2001: Christopher Schmit

2000: Kent Johnson


Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (Small Project Award)

2017:   No award

2016:   No award

2015:   No award

2014:   No award

2013:   HDR Engineering, Inc. (Minnehaha County Baltic Bridge Replacement project)

2012:   No award

2011:  Civil Design, Inc. (Rollings Game Production Area project), and

           HDR Engineering, Inc. (Spearfish Downtown Main Street Reconstruction project)

2010:   No award

2009:   No award

2008:   No award          


Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement (Large Project Award)

2017:   No award

2016:   Civil Design, Inc (MRC Railroad Reconstruction)

2015:   Clark Engineering & Wenck Associates (Elm River Intake, Aberdeen)

2014:   Banner Associates, Inc. (Bel Brands Industrial Pretreatment project)

2013:   No award

2012:   Banner Associates Inc. (Lewis and Clark Regional Water System project)

2011:    HR Green, Inc. and Sayre Associates, Inc. (69th Street & Southeastern Avenue Improvements project)

2010:   HDR Engineering Inc. (41st Street Bridge Reconstruction project in Sioux Falls) 

2009:   Banner Associates Inc. (Children’s Museum of South Dakota project) 

2008:   HDR Engineering, Inc. (57th Street from Cliff Ave. to Sycamore Ave project in Sioux Falls)