The East Branch 

The East Branch is an integral group of the Central Illinois Section which is included under Region 3 of the national organization. We currently serve members from 30 counties contained within the majority of the eastern half of Illinois.

When joining ASCE you have the option of becoming a member of your local Branch. Joining your local Branch is the best way to begin your involvement in the organization.

East Branch Membership Benefits:

Along with your National membership, ASCE assigns new members to Branches based on preference or geographical location. Benefits for being a member of the East Branch include:

  • Luncheon seminars (some with reduced boxed lunch prices for members)
  • Social events (some with reduced admission prices for members)
  • Local network of professionals and business contacts
  • Community involvement and volunteerism events
  • Opportunities to participate on the Executive Board

Membership dues for the East Branch are $12 dollars and are payable when you sign-up for National membership. East Branch dues are used to fund Branch activities such as luncheon seminars and social events, purchase door prizes for banquets, and to reimburse board members for some of the costs of participating in leadership roles and development activities. If you have not selected Central Illinois Section - East Branch as your Branch or would like to contribute Branch dues you can do so by calling (800) 548-ASCE (2723).  Additional Information.

American Society of Civil Engineers:

The American Society of Civil Engineers is a large organization serving over 115,000 engineering professionals within the United States and abroad and over 25,000 students. ASCE is divided into nine national Regions, each containing several member states, and one international Region. Each Region is further divided into member Sections and many of these Sections are subdivided into member Branches.

The Benefits of Being a Member of ASCE:

As an engineer, membership in professional organizations is a great way to network and build your contact list. Membership in ASCE brings so much more than contact with other professionals in your field. ASCE creates a vehicle to develop your career in ways you may not have considered. This holds true for recent college graduates as well as those who are already well established in their profession.

National Membership Benefits:

Membership in the national organization brings with it a variety of benefits best outlined in the Member Resource Guide. Some of the highlights include:


Ex. 515.203.1061