Denver Branch Presentation on ArtWorks

Thursday, January 20, 2022 - 04:00 PM

Denver Branch Presentation on ArtWorks: A new FEMA initiative connecting art with mitigation and engineering - Jan 20th @ 4pm


Please join us on Zoom for our January meeting! We look forward to the presentation and to your participation!


As the changing climate continues to intensify the impacts of natural hazards, we must place mitigation at the center of our community planning, design and engineering efforts. It is critical for our nation's resilience and ability to adapt. However, making the case to the broader community has long been a challenge because the topic is a complex and challenging one.


ArtWorks is a new FEMA initiative that uses art to educate people about natural hazard risks and how mitigation solutions can reduce them. The ArtWorks program is a collaborative process, where artists and communities bring natural hazard mitigation into the spotlight through eye-catching and interactive art that tells a story.


ArtWorks recently completed its first pilot project in Denver and more projects are in development. The pilot project, Community Forms, weaves together art, stormwater runoff, mitigation and infrastructure. Community Forms takes a compelling page from history, where engineering and art were often one and the same. The ArtWorks team will share the collaborative process that resulted in this successful pilot.


Participants will leave with a clear understanding of the ArtWorks process, lessons learned, and how art, mitigation and infrastructure can blend and work together.


The team hopes to inspire engineers to think creatively about how art can inspire simple solutions in the engineering world and the value of collaborative relationships.