About ASCE

Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is the oldest national engineering society in the United States and represents more than 140,000 civil engineers worldwide. Our mission is to "provide essential value to our members, their careers, our partners and the public by developing leadership, advancing technology, advocating lifelong learning, and promoting the profession." 
In carrying out that mission, ASCE:
•     Advances technology 
•     Encourages lifelong learning 
•     Promotes professionalism and the profession 
•     Develops civil engineer leaders 
•     Advocates for infrastructure and environmental stewardship 
For more information, visit ASCE’s website.

About ASCE Holston Branch

The ASCE Holston Branch was established in 1947.  We are part of the Tennessee Section which was founded in 1988 and is one of eight U.S. states within Region 4 of ASCE.  Region 4 was founded in 2005.  Together with other members of the Tennessee Section, we advocate ASCE's mission by serving as a liaison between civil engineering university students and the professional community, volunteering, and community involvement and sponsorship of continuing education luncheons and seminars.
Our branch includes the Tennessee counties of Hancock, Hawkins, Greene, Washington, Unicoi, Carter, Johnson and Sullivan.

Map of Holston part of Tennessee



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