Other ASCE Scholarships

The Michigan Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) encourages the advancement of the Civil Engineering profession by qualified and interested students. To that end, the ASCE Michigan Section offers financial support through two scholarships. These scholarships have been endowed through the efforts and generosity of individual Civil Engineers and leading Civil Engineering companies throughout Michigan.

Mackinac Scholarship
Named in honor of Michigan’s #1 Civil Engineering Project of the 20th Century by the ASCE Michigan Section membership in December 1999, the Mackinac Scholarship is intended to recognize a premier Civil Engineering student from Michigan. The award will be presented annually, and will consist of a two-year grant of $5,000 each year (totaling $10,000 over a two-year period) to a student entering his or her junior year at an ABET-accredited Civil Engineering program. The award considers merit, personal initiative and financial need and encourages both participation in a student chapter of ASCE and contributions to the advancement of student engineering.

Zuidema Scholarship
Named in honor of an outstanding Past-President of the Michigan Section and the Western Michigan Branch of ASCE, the Marvin L. Zuidema Scholarship Award is presented annually to a student member of ASCE who has made a contribution to the advancement of student engineering activities. This award will consist of a one-time grant of $1,500, and considers academic performance as an indication of preparation for a future career in Civil Engineering. The Zuidema scholarship is available to either a junior or senior in an ABET-accredited Civil Engineering program.

Please review the Application for Eligibility and Requirements as well as details about the Selection Process.


Completed applications with transcripts must be submitted to the ASCE Michigan Section by Memorial Day. ASCE awards will be announced in September.

How to Apply:
Submit the completed ASCE Scholarship Application (photocopies are accepted) with an official college transcript and any letters of recommendation to:

ASCE Michigan Section Scholarships, 215 N. Walnut Street, Lansing, MI 48933

For More Information Contact:
ASCE Michigan Support Staff
Cindy Schmitz
By Phone: (517)332-2066 or By Email: [email protected]

The above information can also be found on Resources page of the ASCE Michigan Section web site.