July Meeting and Technical Presentation

Thursday, July 15, 2021 - 12:00 PM

Waterproofing Concrete Structures: Needs, Benefits, & Options.

This presentation will cover the following:
1. Understand why waterproofing is important for the long-term the structural integrity of concrete in construction projects 
2. Identify the main causes of structural concrete deterioration 
3. Discuss the common types of concrete waterproofing applications available in the North American marketplace 
4. NEW Concrete: Explain why admixtures using ‘Crystalline’ technology effectively contribute to reducing its maintenance requirements ... and enhance its sustainability 
5. EXISTING Concrete: Know the difference between using ‘Crystalline' technology ... and ‘Modified Silicate Gel' technology for topical applications  


Click here for a pdf copy of the presentation! 



Paul Shelton

Texas Representative



Link will be provided in email. If you have not recieved the link in your email please contact us at netasce@gmail.com