2021/2022 Award Winners


Outstanding Bikeways and Trails Project 

Railroad Safety Trail Project from Taft Street to Pepper Street

City of San Luis Obispo

Outstanding Bridge Project and Outstanding Historical Renovation Project

Bridge Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project

City of Arroyo Grande

Outstanding Parks and Recreation Project

Emerson Park Fitness Court Replacement Project

City of San Luis Obispo

Outstanding Transportation Project

Downtown Pavement Improvement Project

City of San Luis Obispo

Outstanding Water Project

Main West Tank

City of Paso Robles

Lifetime Achievement Award & Outstanding Civil Engineer in Private Sector

Jon Blanchard, P.E., G.E.

Outstanding Civil Engineer in Public Sector

Wyatt Banker-Hix, P.E.

Outstanding YMF Officer

Wen Sullivan, E.I.T.

Outstanding Younger Civil Engineer

Jaime Cravens, P.E.


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