2015/2016 Individual Award Winners

Jennifer Epp, PE, F. ASCE – Outstanding Civil Engineer in Service to ASCE

This individual has distinguished herself as an outstanding civil engineer and ASCE leader throughout her career. After contributing to the profession through her technical and managerial work with her employer and as an ASCE volunteer leader in the Sacramento area, she paved her way to the Central Coast, where she continues to pioneer leadership and management. Her list of involvement and accomplishments is impressive and covers many areas of ASCE and a breadth of civil engineering disciplines. 

At the Central Coast Water Board, she utilizes her passion, leadership, and unique skillset to effectively lead a team of civil engineers, geologists, and scientists toward fulfilling the agency’s vision. She accomplishes this through her strategic leadership style, managing change, prioritizing work and resources, and helping her staff develop to their fullest potential.

She brings her enthusiasm and a passion for leadership and networking in the engineering community to both her paid and volunteer roles. ASCE and the civil engineering profession has benefited greatly from Jennifer’s knowledge, insight, and connections.

Program Manager and Senior Water Resources Control Engineer, Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (August 2008 – Present):
She brings her unique technical, managerial, and leadership skill set to the Central Coast Water Board where she is Program Manager and Senior Water Resources Control Engineer. 

Vice-Chair, Executive Committee, Morro Bay National Estuary Program (February 2014 – Present):
Jennifer is Vice-Chair of the executive committee, which is responsible for the program’s leadership and policy direction, budget approval, and evaluating performance of the Program Director. She represents the interests of the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board on the executive committee. 

Course Evaluator, California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly) San Luis Obispo Civil Engineering Senior Design Course (2009 – Present):

Jennifer grades and critiques civil engineering senior design oral presentations as well as written project reports and plans, providing the graduating civil engineering students’ exposure and insight from practicing professionals.

Region 9 Director and Chair of ASCE Region 9 (2011-2014) – As Region 9 Director, Jennifer represented California on ASCE’s Board of Direction. As Region 9 Chair, Jennifer was directly responsible for the leadership of a volunteer board of six Governors, fourteen Committee Chairs, and two paid consultants to support the programs for California’s 19,000 members. 

Chenin Otto, PE - Outstanding Younger Civil Engineer

Chenin Otto exemplifies so many outstanding traits: demonstrates a "calm" when things get hectic; is instrumental in assisting with the leading and guiding of a large team of resources in multiple offices; offers her time and assistance to help when her load is already at capacity; works on many of her off days without being asked to do so; always maintains a positive attitude; grasps technical instruction with ease; is able to implement direction quickly and efficiently; and is dedicated to any task she takes on. This individual is a team player that has shown expertise and maturity far beyond her years. Motivation and energy makes her a leader for the whole team. Her focus and attention towards her projects and her collaboration with teammates exemplify the habits and culture we strive to maintain.

She coordinates, designs, interfaces with the client, and has grown professionally with the large design project she’s been working on. She has shown expertise and maturity far beyond her years. Though she's not the PM, she works as hard as if she were. 

Chenin also has been involved in the local YMF group since it was started up 4 years ago where she serves as Secretary Officer.

Chenin is involved in the local bike community and actively participates in the bike movement in SLO County to make it more bike friendly.

“Chenin is someone you'd want as a friend and coworker. She is dedicated to any task she takes on and we are lucky to have her on the Cannon team.”

Sean Pringle - Outstanding Civil Engineering Student

Sean Pringle has a phenomenal personality that has made him into an incredibly loved teacher at Cal Poly. He has now taught for 2 years, all the while being challenging yet light and enjoyable to be around. He has taught introductory concrete classes and mechanics of materials courses. Further, Sean has also been highly involved with activities on campus. He was an ASCE officer for 3 years, the concrete canoe project manager for 1 year, and still is always the first person to offer help to any of the Civil Engineering groups despite not being an officer in any group currently. He is a driven thesis student and will be graduated this June, 2016.

Sean has held a structural engineering internship with Taylor and Syfan throughout his career at Cal Poly. His growth and understanding for structural engineering has been phenomenal. He carries this knowledge into his daily schoolwork and is always the first person to offer assistance when a structural problem/dilemma arises.

Youngest accepted member into the Elks Society
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo BS and MS (2016)


Dr. Eric Kasper, PE - Outstanding Faculty Advisor for Student Groups

Dr. Kasper has been an asset to the student chapter this year by offering support to the officers and Steel Bridge Project Team. His involvement includes communicating with the university on behalf of the student chapter, attending student led meetings and events, and helping when needed. 

By being proactive liaisons between the university and the student chapter, he and Dr. Hall have been an essential part in allowing the student chapter to offer an abundance of activities that benefit the student members. They have ensured that SCE events are school approved and safe by submitting documents on time and holding safety meetings before off-campus events. They have also worked with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department to verify that SCE activities are in compliance with department policies.

This year, Dr. Kasper has provided extensive support and guidance to the Steel Bridge Team by giving them advice and assistance throughout the year and attending both the regional and national conferences.

Jazz Gilbert, PE - Outstanding Practitioner Advisor for Student Groups


As Practitioner Advisor, Jazz has been involved and supportive of the student chapter throughout the 2015-2016 school year, as well as previous years. He also attended the Work Shop for Section and Branch Leaders this year and connected with more of the student chapter officers. Since he has had many years of experience with the student chapter, his involvement and advice are appreciated.

Jaz is an outgoing and charismatic leader. He relates with the students and provides great mentorship and is always willing to jump in to help.