Chattanooga Branch Awards

EWeek Awards:

2023 Outstanding Engineer of the Year: Kathryn Snyder

2023 People-to-People: Jackson Caldwell

2023 Engineering Leadership Award: Russell Moorehead

2023 Young Engineer of the Year:  Chris Frishcosy and Jenks Parker

2023 Technician of the Year: Joshua Brewer


Branch Scholarships:

2024 Student Scholarships:  Hosanna Baker (Bryan), Samuel Doll (Brayn College), and Olivia Erny (UTC), Grace Pippin (UTC), Isabel Olseon (UTC)

2023 Student Scholarships:  Lauren Brownfield (UTC), Abigail Achilles (Brayn College), and Paul Pike (UTC), Kennedy Hernandez (UTC), Linen Cooper (UTC)

2022 Student Scholarships:  Jacob Darlrymple (UTC), Lauren Brownfield (UTC), and Beau Neidich (UTC)

2021 Student Scholarships:  Gentry George (UTC), Callan Pierson (UTC), and Russell Green (Bryan College)

2020 Student Scholarships:  Austin Ethridge (UTC), Gentry George (UTC), Callan Pierson (UTC), and Benjamin Hendrich (Bryan College)

2019  Student Scholarships:  Caroline Meacham (UTC) and Seth Caudle (UTC)

2018  Student Scholarships:  Caroline Meacham (UTC), Seth Caudle (UTC), and William Daylen Brown (UTC)

2017  Student Scholarships:  Analisa Shepard (UTC) and Seth Caudle (UTC)

2016  Student Scholarships:  Justin Rudder (UTC)

2015  Student Scholarships:  Bethany Griffin (UTC) and Jacob Kuchenbecker (UTC)

2013 Student Scholarships: William Joshua Rose (UTC), Haley Robert (UTC), and Camren Yarberry (UTC)

Section Awards recognizing Chattanooga Area or Membership:

2017 ASCE Tennessee Section Government Engineer Award:  Maria Price

2015 ASCE Tennessee Section Student Chapter Member Award:  Bethany Griffin (UTC)