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adam priest
 PresidentAdam Priest, P.E.
 Coastal Protection Engineering of North Carolina
 Civil/Coastal engineering has shaped who I am over the course   of my career.  That being said, I felt a responsibility to get   involved with ASCE to try and give back as well as   engage/network with other engineers in the field.
 Vice PresidentKyle Herring, P.E.

  I am serving on the Board to give back to my peers and for the               betterment of our industry. It is very important that we create a     collaborative environment to mentor and set a positive example for those who will be the future of our industry.





 TreasurerSam Lohman, E.I.

 Coastal Protection Engineering of North Carolina
 I am serving on the Board of ASCE Coastal Branch so I can learn   more about the coastal engineering community and industry in   North Carolina.
Robin Auston Headshot


 SecretaryRobin Austin, P.E.

 McKim and Creed
 I am serving as a Board member not only to be a part of this   engineering society, but to learn from others, share my   expertise, and help advance the profession.
                                                       Board Representative:  Open


                                                       Board Representative:  Open

WebmasterMark Arcuri, P.E.
Arcuri Construction, LLC
(910) 228-0424
Mark serves with ASCE because of his passion to promote the profession of Civil Engineering, both with students as well as other professions that interact with civil engineers.  Although the Coastal members are employed with competing firms and companies, Mark enjoys seeing how we put those interests aside to achieve common goals for our local engineering community.
Past PresidentBen Lackey, P.E.
Catlin Engineers and Scientists