Welcome to the home page for the Metropolitan Indianapolis Branch (MIB) of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). We are a branch of the Indianapolis Section of ASCE. We have over 1,100 members throughout central Indiana. Our members provide leadership of civil engineering activities in our region, including land development, infrastructure rehabilitation, protection of the environment, and improving the quality of life for residents of central Indiana. 

We wish to continue to be a resource for our community in solving the challenges of a safe, productive, and welcoming environment for our citizens. We are also available as a resource for inquiries about civil engineering expertise, K-12 activities, speakers for community groups, and service efforts for the needy in our community. Inquiries can be directed to the contact information provided on this page.

We hold regular monthly meetings, usually at lunch, and sponsor a variety of social events throughout the year. ASCE members in our branch receive monthly mailings about MIB activities, but subscription to our monthly newsletter is free to others who are interested in following us. Requests to be added to our mailing list can be directed to our branch Secretary.

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