2021 Scholarship Update
The Coastal Branch has decided to increase the scholarship amount for Spring 2021.  We'll be calling for applications in winter 2021.  Be on the lookout!
2020 Scholarship - Congratulations Bethanie Deveau and Shea Cirillo!
2019 Scholarship - Congratulations Marilyn Uriarte-Ayala!
2019 Project of the Year - McKim & Creed - Riverlights
The 2019 ASCE Project of the Year was awarded to McKim and Creed for their Civil Engineering services performed at the Riverlights Community in Wilmington, NC.  Their services demonstrated ASCE's mission of advancing the civil engineering profession and serving the public good by advancing technology, improving public infrastruture, and being environmentally responsible. Congratulations to McKim and Creed for their valued work within our community.  Accepting the award for McKim and Creed: Nick., Richard Collier, Kathryn Espinoza, and Emily McArthur. 
2018 Scholarship - Congratulations Daniela Ivonne Garcia-Garcia!